About us

Ta Toru originates from the Moluccan primal language. Toru stands for "three“. Ta Toru means "Coming from the third". We are three chefs, and we are the third generation Moluccans in the Netherlands. 

We like to play with color, authentic and new flavors. Not just food, but a nice memory that hopefully will make you want to come back. Shared dining fits our vision. Spending time with family and friends, sharing experiences with each other. Factors that are very important to us.

The team

We are cousins ​​with a passion for cooking. Everyone has their own strengths and role within the team, but we are in it together. Together we ensure that every customer gets the same experience of our tasty food that hopefully will still be discussed after it’s finished.

Jeziel Souhuwat, "For me, cooking is emotion. I have to cook with feeling, bring flavors together and create memories. My passion is redesigning authentic dishes"

Jeziel is the visionair, he quickly conjures up new dishes and he is always one step ahead when it comes to trends.

Naftali Wattilete, "Food brings people together, by making tasty and beautiful dishes I can make people happy, this makes me happy.“

Naftali has the charms with the necessary connections. His eternal smile brings Ta Toru to the next level.

Najeah Souhuwat: "Every time I cook, I want to achieve a great end result, cooking is a feeling, but through my work experience I have learned the techniques.

Najeah keeps us sharp and is the motor of the kitchen.

Ta Toru Colorful Island Food Chefs